Daures Green Hydrogen Consortium and Fortescue Future Industries Agree To Explore Collaborating On The Daures Green Hydrogen Village In Namibia 

The MoU with Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) gives the parties an opportunity to explore the possibility of working together to develop green hydrogen and green ammonia for the Daures Green Hydrogen Village in Namibia. FFI will now have a period of exclusivity to study and perform due diligence on the project, which not only aims to revolutionise farming in Africa by potentially producing agricultural produce using fertiliser made from green ammonia but also to supply green hydrogen and green ammonia to regional and international markets.

FFI Africa Chairman, John Ngumi said, “The Daures project has the potential to generate significant economic and social benefits for the local community and for Namibia at large, creating both jobs and a more sustainable agriculture industry.”

“Namibia has the chance to become a global powerhouse in the green energy value chain, with its abundant natural resources able to generate the renewable energy needed to produce large scale green hydrogen and green ammonia for export and decarbonising local industry.

Daures Green Hydrogen Village CEO, Jerome Namaseb said, “We are very excited to work with FFI who are one of the foremost firms in the industry. This MOU will explore the possibility of working together to further develop the Daures Green Hydrogen Village’s subsequent phases.”

“The Daures Green Hydrogen Village plans in phase 1 have the potential to provide over 50 ongoing sustainable jobs, 100 temporary jobs during construction and will realise production of Namibia’s first batch of green hydrogen, green ammonia and carbon free agriculture. The Village intends to be Africa’s first Net Zero community and has the potential to produce in excess of 1GW worth of renewable energy and over 350,000 tons of ammonia.”

The proposed Daures Green Hydrogen Village project’s first phase has received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education in collaboration with the Namibian Government, and currently consists over 1 MW renewable energy and 500 kW electrolyzer.

It is intended to supply a vegetable greenhouse and various agricultural research projects in partnership with the University of Namibia and University of Stuttgart.

FFI President Africa, Bruh Ayele Terfie said, “FFI is excited to potentially collaborate with young Namibians, who are driven to decarbonise the agricultural sector, create jobs and create a cleaner, greener future for Namibia and for Africa.”

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