The Daures Green Hydrogen Village

The Daures Constituency is the largest constituency in Namibia with a population of approximately 11,350 people. Over 80% of the residents survive under 1 US$ per day. The Daures Green Hydrogen Village (DGHV) will be Africa’s first Net Zero village. In Its first phase, the village will employ over 100 Namibians during construction and over 50 permanent Namibian’s in a modern carbon free estate

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“The project will have a focus on green scheme agriculture which will realize the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia and the utilization of its derivatives.”


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Project Phasing

The water supply for the project in Phase 1 will be sourced from commercial boreholes. A 120 m3 Reverse Osmosis facility will be installed to ensure the water is treated to meet the agriculture and electrolyzer water quality requirements. Desalinated water for the subsequent phases will be piped to the project site to meet the hydrogen, ammonia, housing and agricultural water requirements. The evacuation of hydrogen for phase 2 to 4 will be through a dedicated hydrogen gas pipeline to the port of Walvis Bay. At the port, Nitrogen will be captured from the air using an air separation unit and combined with hydrogen through ammonia synthesis, before export. The project in it’s 3rd and 4th phases, aims to trade liquid ammonia within the region through various ports and eventually export clean ammonia to support Europe’s decarbonization ambitions.The project’s pre-feasibility study was conducted by Fitchner GmbH and the full feasibility for phases 2 – 4 is scheduled to commence in January 2023

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