Daures Green Hydrogen Village targets local production of fertilizer

Namibia’s crop production under arid conditions is set to get a boost after Phase One of the Daures Green Hydrogen Village was launched recently near Uis. Situated in the Erongo Region, the village is Africa’s fisrt 100% net-zero community. The village will pilot the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia in Namibia through a project funded through a grant that came from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the amount of N$220 Million. The production phase covers a period of 18 months, guided by the Southern African Science Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management. The pilot plant will focus on strong local community partnerships and green schemes and be used for research and serve as a proof of concept. Approximately 500g of green ammonia per day is expected to be produced at the project. This will be used locally as fertiliser for crops, reducing the need to import all fertiliser. Earlier this month, the World Food Programme (WFP) Namibia partnered with the Daures Green Hydrogen Village to support the production of green hydrogen and ammonia-based fertiliser. Signed two weeks ago, the partnership seeks to enhance food production at community agricultural projects.

Source: Economist

The historic groundbreaking of the Daures Green Hydrogen Village took place earlier this year.