Daures Green Village pilot project nears completion

THE Daures Green Village Pilot Project is 80% complete and is on track to finish by July. This was confirmed by Jerome Namaseb, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Daures Green Hydrogen Village, during a courtesy visit with President Nangolo Mbumba. The meeting was also attended by Chief Sagarias Seibeb, Chief of Daures Daman Traditional Authority, who invited the president to visit the Daures Constituency and witness the progress of the project. President Mbumba expressed appreciation for what has been achieved by Daures Green Hydrogen Village and commended them for a job well done. President Mbumba conveyed his appreciation for the accomplishments of the Daures Green Hydrogen Village and commended them for their excellent work. The Daures Green Hydrogen Village project intends to develop Africa’s first Green Hydrogen Village that profiles hydrogen use and interrogates the feasibility of the village on a semi-industrial scale. The project will be executed in four phases, with the first two phases focusing on the proof of concept for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia as an efficient resource for nitrogen fertilisers in green schemes. Phases three and four will focus on providing industrial-level production for local consumption and international export.

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