Inside Daures Green Hydrogen Village

The Daures Green Hydrogen Village pilot project, situated in the sparsely populated area of the Daures constituency in the Erongo region, intends using wind and solar power to produce green hydrogen at a semi-industrial complex being erected. Officials said the project is more than 80% complete, with high-tech equipment needed to separate hydrogen and oxygen from borehole water expected within the coming months. The highly-complicated process to convert borehole water into hydrogen is gradually taking shape on 300 hectares out of an available 15 000 hectares of land in the arid Daures constituency. Once the pilot phase is complete, the full-scale project will be executed in four phases, with the first two phases focusing on the concept proof of the production of green hydrogen and ammonia as an efficient resource for nitrogen fertilisers in green schemes. Phases three and four will focus on providing industrial-level production for local consumption and international export.

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