Otto Appointment

The Daures Green Hydrogen Village is very proud to announce the appointment of Lutz-Heiner Otto as Business Development Manager (Hydrogen and Agriculture).

Lutz will be joining the team from the 1st of January 2023 on a full-time basis. Lutz is Namibian born in Swakopmund and is currently completing his PHD at Germany’s most prestigious agricultural University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. Lutz is also of a holder of a B. Sc in Agricultural Sciences and a M.Sc in Agricultural Economics.

Lutz is currently a project manager for a BMBF funded research project on the development of sustainable water and energy solutions on farms in South Africa. In addition to the above Lutz has experience in various smart agricultural initiatives across multiple jurisdictions, these include a variety of startups with focus ranging from sustainable and fair-trade products in Vietnam to a seed based startup offering training and collateral free loans to female farmers in Uganda.