The Daures Green Hydrogen Village aims at establishing a sustainable and environmentally friendly ecosystem

Project lead developer is Enersense Energy Namibia, a 100% Namibian owned firm. This is the firm I represent. The SPV (Daures Green Hydrogen Village) is 90% owned by Enersense an 10% by community groups. The community groups include the Daure Daman Traditional Authority and Tsiseb Conservancy. The SPV has a 25 year land lease with option to extend by an additional 50 years. The total land size is 15,000 hectares with good solar and wind potential. We are busy with continuous optimization of the project and its forecasted production. In the pilot we will only be producing 100tons of green ammonia but early indication now is that the site (depending on OEM selection for various items) can produce in excess of 350,000 tons of green ammonia, potentially increasing to 750,000 tons of green ammonia with approximately 2GW of renewable energy. This will become clearer as the feasibility studies reach finalization. The Pilot has been funded to the amount of 12.2m Euros of which 800k Euro is for the partner research in
stitutions (University of Namibia and University of Stuttgart) to conduct research activities on site. The project is busy with construction for its pilot phase. We have commissioned feasibilities for subsequent phases looking at project optimization, water provision, additional power supply opportunities. The Daures Green Hydrogen Village Phase I is to be completed in the second quarter of 2024. The project has reached the 20% project milestone and is currently on program as planned, please see attached.

To date, The Daures Green Hydrogen Village looks to employ over 100 Namibians in its first phase during the construction, and up to 50 full time employees during the operations. Currently have 70 persons employed on site with over 30 persons from the local Daures Constituency area. Having recognized the importance of community involvement & ownership, 10% of the project’s ownership has been allocated to the community through the Daure Daman Traditional authority and Tsiseb conservancy. The project has actively engaged with local small SMEs and 30% of the project’s contracts have been awarded to these locals from the constituency, and in the future, the project intents to uplift the community through the community/school garden scheme development, through the school community garden projects, the Daures Green Hydrogen Village aims to transfer knowledge and skills in the field of horticulture to the local community.

The firm has also signed the below MOUs

MOU have been signed with Sable Chemicals for 40k tons of green ammonia offtake.

MOU has been signed with Andrada Mining (formerly Afritin). The MOU is looking into the provision of hydrogen and baseload energy to decarbonize their forthcoming lithium operations

MOU has been signed with WFP for the potential offtake of agriculture crops and fertilizer

Source: Windhoek Observer

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